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At Carroll Contracting, we’re fully equipped and licensed to take on any job. We offer a wide range of construction and excavation services, specializing in anything from site prep and land clearing, asphalt and road construction, concrete, public utility systems, boring and tunneling, and material hauling. As a seasoned general contracting service provider, we manage every aspect of your project, bringing you a timely completion with the highest standards of quality. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, our team is equipped to deliver excellence at every turn.

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Our Services

Skilled in all aspects of excavation, land development, and civil construction, we provide superior site services, ensuring a solid foundation for every construction project.
Top-rated Excavation Services - North Carolina

Land Development

Starting any project off on the right foot requires expert site services. To get your job site ready for construction, we offer land clearing, excavation, and more.

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Concrete is an essential part of any construction project, so you’ll want a general contractor who can do it right.
Quality Excavation Services - North Carolina

Public Infrastructure

Our civil construction services encompass a broad range of projects, including public utilities and infrastructure development, delivered with precision and care.
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Asphalt Paving

We handle the prep and execution for any asphalt paving project, laying the groundwork to ensure proper drainage and a solid foundation for paving.
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Material Hauling

We have a selection of essential landscaping and construction products for residential, commercial, or civil projects. We can import and export materials,

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Carroll Contracting is proficient in everything construction. Whatever your residential, commercial, and civil project calls for, we have an integrated set of services that can assist in bringing your project to completion. Contact Us Today To Get Started.